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Thoughts on Selling/Not-Selling My Work

If it’s been published by an outside market (by which I mean, not me) and been out for more than 90 days, I’ve made an ebook out of it. I’ve got a few things I’ve just self-published because I had trouble finding the right market for them or because I simply wanted to, and I’m sitting her considering taking down pretty much everything and using those bits and pieces to build a couple of collections. I have a lot of short fiction, a couple of pieces of non-fiction (one drastically different in tone than the other), and even a tiny poetry collection.

I don’t think every single piece would make the cut into a collection of short stories or non-fiction or poetry. For one, I think I’d take down “I Should Get a Free Dog” and be happy to see the back end of it. It’s a short-short of 498 words, and while it’s cute, and I like it, I’m aggravated by it as well because I’ve written stories with more impact and emotion (“A Path as Crooked as You Please” and “Numbered with the Living” [currently available in Milk Sugar Literature]), and I’m sort of tired that a tiny little story about a blind date is what people seem to keep trying first.

I also think of how much work will have to go into getting a collection of anything together. You generally need about ten or twelve stories or essays to pitch the collection, and there’s the matter of finding a publisher because I would like to start moving forward from submitting single pieces to magazines and websites and moving towards having whole books of things that people could enjoy for more than twenty minutes at a time.

I’m gonna think on this for a few days, talk it out with some people. See what there is to see. I’ll report back.

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